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Background of Fingerprint ZA

ZA FINGERPRINT is based in South Africa, we are here to give valid and accurate data, we also make it easy for users to update data by building in a self updating back-end system.

Fingerprint ZA was found and created by Milahn Martin / Ultrafy, Fingerprint was made to display valuable statistics to upcoming and young players and e-sports enthusiast,international websites like prosettings inspired us to create one of our own, thats why we made it fingerprintza.

The meaning of the word fingerprint is to show every player is unique and everu player has his / her own specific settings.

Our purpose for the future of fingerprintza is to always get more player data, and also to include more games coming up like, Rust, Overwatch.

The fingerprintza team is working hard to bring new games and new and accurate player data to our viewers. We also would like to start a podcast soon and a blog where we write about players and local news.

Our purpose it to be able to show and give the community accurate data of players, without them needing to search hard for it. We also would like to build a community where players can show of their skills and weekly clips.

Our Team

Meet the greatest people

This website and data can't be run by one person as new data comes in and data needs to be updated and checked for accuracy, therefore we have incredible staff working hard on our data.

Milahn Martin

Founder / Software Developer

Henri Louw

Software Developer



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