Statistics We Provide

ZA FINGERPRINT is a company developed by Milahn Martin / Ultrafy to display and generate e-sports teams and player Statistics that players can look at. We also provide player info like keyboard, mouse and sensitivity. Team Statistics like sponsors.

Player Data

Our player data is obtained through our self input system and the team that work at ZA FINGERPRINT, we hope to get the most accurate data and give it to the public to use as they wish.

Team Data

Our team data is done behind the scenes, if you feel we have made a mistake, please contact us if you want to.


We wish to have data for all the top tier games in South Africa by the end of 2021, in the mean time we will have two extremely popular titles on display, Fortnite and CS:GO.

Our Current Servers We Provide ?

Seen below is our 3 hosted servers we are currently running for Fingerprint ZA.



We are currently hosting a minecraft server!

  • Surival!

  • PVP!

  • Custom plugins!

  • /home and /tpa!

  • 24/7 hosting!



We are currently hosting a CSGO Retakes server!

  • 128 Tick

  • Johannesburg based Ping

  • High FPS

  • Retake Server

  • Custom Skins

  • Smooth and Stable




We provide a custom build Discord bot for players to easy access player data and team data for CS:GO Pro's.

  • Easy to use discord bot
  • Build for CS:GO Players
  • Multi Purpose Discord Bot
  • To access the commands use .commands
  • Provides details like Team Info and Player Stats
  • Easy to add
Best Quality for you

Website Features

Real Time Data

Our data is stored inside a database that is constantly updated by our staff and by our users. Data gets fetched by a rest-api and displayed in real time.

99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

ZA FINGERPRINT uses Google cloud to host the web server, meaning the server will be up almost always, alongside that ZA FINGERPRINT uses a cloud database to store it's data.

Top Reliability

Our data is double checked not only by the players and teams themselve but also by our staff to make sure we provide the most accurate data possible.

High Security

Our data is secured with encryption and also Google oAuthentication.

Quality Data

Our data is extremely accurate, and if a mistake is made feel free to contact us so we can fix it as soon as possible.

Data Analysis and Servers

We use Google's Firebase Realtime Database to Store our data. Using Google's Firebase makes sure that our data is secure and easily accesible.


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